Getting a pizza the action! Fireaway Pizza CEO and founder Mario Aleppo's determination and drive takes the chain to dizzying heights as a £19m fast food franchise

Fireaway Pizza, a fresh pizza chain that uses authentic Italian ingredients and cooks pizzas with unlimited toppings in 180 seconds using a stone-fired 400-degree oven, has quickly become a well-known name in the food industry. 

What started as a small venture in 2016 has grown to an impressive 140 stores across the UK and Holland, with stores under construction in Turkey, India, and Australia.

In just six years, Fireaway Pizza has made its mark in the industry, with numerous accolades and a company valuation of £19 million.

The success of Fireaway Pizza can be attributed to its innovative and entrepreneurial approach led by its CEO and founder, Mario Aleppo. 

Mario had the vision to create a fast and fresh pizza experience using high-quality ingredients and succeeded in doing just that. 

With his passion and determination, he has taken Fireaway Pizza to new heights and set a high standard for the food industry.

One of the unique aspects of Fireaway Pizza is its unlimited toppings policy. Customers can select from a range of toppings and have as many as they want, all for a fixed price. 

This approach has been highly successful, as customers can customize their pizza without additional costs. Moreover, the fast cooking time means customers can quickly get and enjoy their freshly-cooked pizza.

Fireaway Pizza's success has not gone unnoticed, as it has won numerous awards, including PAPA 2019 Pizza Delivery Chain of the Year and PAPA 2021 Rising Star of the Year.

In addition, Mario has also been personally recognized for his entrepreneurial efforts, winning the Great British Entrepreneur of the year 2022 in the Food & Drinks category. These accolades serve as a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Fireaway Pizza team.

However, despite its successes, Fireaway Pizza faced its fair share of challenges. With the onset of Brexit, there has been a shortage of skilled chefs, and energy costs have increased. 

These factors have led to increased prices, but Fireaway Pizza managed to navigate these challenges and continue to provide customers with a high-quality and innovative pizza experience.

Currently valued at £19m with 140 stores, Fireaway Pizza has big plans for the future. The company has big expansion plans to open 500 stores globally with a company valuation of £100 million. 

Mario's unique approach and entrepreneurial spirit make this goal seem achievable. The brand has already proven its ability to succeed in various locations, and the forthcoming stores in Turkey, India, and Australia will likely add to its success story.

The entrepreneurial spirit that Mario Aleppo instilled in Fireaway Pizza is something all entrepreneurs can learn from. 

His passion for the food industry and his innovative approach have allowed the brand to stand out in a highly-competitive market. Mario's unwavering determination and willingness to take risks have been vital in Fireaway Pizza's success. 

He has set a high standard for the food industry, and entrepreneurs can learn from its success story. 

With its focus on quality ingredients and speedy service, Fireaway Pizza has carved out a niche in the competitive pizza market and is poised for even greater success in the future.

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