The Final Amount which remains in your hand after deducting all the expenses like Rent, Salary, Electricity, Food Cost, Royalty, Other expenses (Wastages, Packaging, GST, Marketing)

Franchisor take a certain one-time fee which we called as Franchise Fee and in return Franchisor allows Franchisee to use the brand name in the form of signage, their product recipes, a proper 360-degree support.

The time period required to get the investment amount back which was invested at the time of starting Business. 

Every brand charge a certain percentage on sales or fixed amount from every franchisee. Basically, franchisor used this amount in terms of R&D of new products, Centralized Marketing etc.

FOFO Stands for Franchise Owned Franchise Operate. It means Franchisee will investment 100% of the Investment amount and will run the store/outlet from his own.
FOCO stands for Franchise owned Company Operate. It Means Franchisee will investment 100% of the Investment amount and the store/outlet will be run by company end. Over here Franchisor pay a certain percentage to franchisee on sales.
COCO Stands for Company Owned Company Operated. It means Franchisor will invest 100% of the Investment amount and same will be run the Company end.

FICO Stands for Franchise Invest company Operated. It means Franchisee will invest 100% of the Investment amount and store / outlet will be run by company end. Over here Company gives a certain MG i.e., Minimum Guaranteed amount Or Certain Percentage amount on sales whichever is higher

Master Franchise is completely a different term of Franchise. Over here Franchisee take a entire state or district or city wise rights from Franchisor. Master Franchise profits comes in different way like certain sharing percentage on Franchise Fee and Royalty from those franchisees which will open under his territory.

Franchisor will help the Franchisee to choose the best location. Because Franchisor knows that on which location the product will fit easily

Local area Marketing means the awareness which will help your business to grow locally. Franchisee can do many local area marketing activities like, distributing leaflets, Running Offer Campaigns, Participating in multiple events etc.


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